Hand Forged
Remade in England
Using Upcycled Materials


The steel used for this kitchen knife is some 60-100 years old, originally being made in Sheffield, world renownd for exceptional quality steel.

It's life has already been lived - it's a discarded vintage engineers file. Used to slowly cut and machine all sorts of metal into shape.

By fire I can forge this material into something entire new that can be lovingly used to prepare food every day.

Nakiri Kitchen Knife Details:

The Nakiri is a thin blade with an almost entirely flat profile, intended mostly for push/pull/chop cutting of fresh fruit and veg. The square blade can also be handy for scooping up food to take to the pan. It is the knife I use the most at home and can attest to it's efficiency, ease of use and even the fun nature of chopping away!

  • High carbon steel blade forged from upcycled Sheffield engineers file
  • Locally sourced English hardwoods of your choice
  • Copper alloy bolster & pin
  • Blades typically 5.5-7.5" in length - you choose.
  • Blade height: typically 45-55mm
  • 200-275 grams total
  • Handles typically 5-6" in length with a rounded octagonal shape

Note that this knife is made of high carbon steel which unlike ordinary stainless steel knives, will react to it's environment . See my care tips in my FAQ.

Your knife will vary slightly from these photos, due to the nature of using natural & reclaimed materials, but it's function and design will be the same. Your desired size will be requested after checkout.


Three choices.

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I estimate to dispatch your knife 8-12 weeks after you submit your order. There can be delays if my production list is longer. This is the quickest way to get your knife.



Nakiri Kitchen Knife

Blade Length

2. Installments

Installment plans only require £100 up front, and the rest spread out over 3 additional payments. The work is added to my list after full payment. For more installment plan choices, please contact me directly.

6.5" Nakiri Kitchen Knife

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Hi, I’m Richard!

  • I am passionate about sourcing food locally, which partly inspires my hand forged, upcycled kitchen knives
  • I've always loved to cook. I'm someone who gets excited by bizarre things like purple sprouting broccoli and freshly baked bread, but I have never been a chef
  • I love to travel, mostly for food
  • My workshop is based in the heart of Shropshire, England

Nakiri Kitchen Knife, Hand Forged and Remade in England

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