Every Richard Harris knife is designed using reclaimed materials to inspire a curiosity, creativity and intent with your ingredients. When you deliberately slow down in the kitchen, you have a purpose of creating thoughtful food that nourishes the lives around you. 


Made in England and exclusively using reclaimed steel, I breathe new life into materials that would otherwise be forgotten or discarded.


My goal is to let the unique qualities of the materials shine through. No two knives I make are the same. No mass production found here.


Prepare a lifetime of food with my knife - I've built it to last. Every knife comes with a lifetime warranty. 


Due to my unique material choices, every part of your knife will age gracefully and look even more beautiful as the years pass. 

I find this material fascinating:
reminding us of our
industrial past
& giving a new and entirely
different life
to a discarded material
My steel is typically
60-100 years old,
originally made
in Sheffield,
It's pretty ugly at the moment...
But with careful treatment
it can become a
beautiful material
This english oak was reclaimed
from farmland in Devon
in 1998.
Initial forging,
drawing out the material
Showing burnt/oil finish
and a bronze pin.
Careful attention is paid
to the steel temperature
during forging
and heat treatment
This way it takes an
exceptionally fine edge
perfect for preparing veg
such as with this 6" Nakiri

Interested in a certain material? Blade profile?  
Customization is available on every knife.

Question? Just get in touch.


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